Finished fabbing canopy rail

Picked right back up on the rail this evening. I got to redo all the fun layout work I did the first time around – ok, it really wasn’t all that bad, but it’s still something like 50 holes to mark, punch, and drill on centerline, while keeping stuff aligned. Drilling the holes with the drill press was definitely slower than doing that same work by hand, but the results were much better. After getting all the deburring and countersinking done, I finished by riveting the cap and rail to make the finished product.

Next I get to mark a centerline on the fuselage and get the mounting holes drilled so this can be screwed in. Then I guess I get to start having fun with the canopy frame itself. For now, I just laid the rail on the fuselage for a photo op, with the slider block in place for good measure:

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