Canopy rail do-over

A week after getting back from vacation and I’m still trying to get back int he swing of things. I did have my firewall forward kit come in while I was gone, and a neighbor was nice enough to grab the box and hold it until we got back in town. Yesterday I cracked open the box and admired the contents a bit. I probably ought to do an actual inventory but I wasn’t really feeling like counting rivets and stuff at the time.

I also got in my replacement parts for the canopy rail I bother – the day we left. So they’ve just been sitting around waiting for me. Today I got them out and started getting to it, though I didn’t actually achieve much. I marked off and made the relief at the forward end of the rail, then went inside to cool off a bit (it got up to near 90° today…yay Houston) before starting to bend the sheet strip that forms the rail cap.

In the meantime, it came to pass that we finally were ready to fly the Helio Courier I’ve been working with for the past few months, so I ended up going over and acting as copilot for that whole evolution. So no more rail work, but I got to fly in a cool old plane at sunset, which seems kinda like a worthwhile tradeoff.

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