Fuse shelf feed wiring finished

Again, not a ton of time out in the shop today, but I didn’t need much to finish terminating all these branches and make things all nice and shiny. Just lots of trimming, stripping, crimping, and heat shrinking. But this mostly finished up the shelf, with the exception of adding the actual power feeds from the engine compartment. I guess I could go ahead and pull those feeds and just leave them unterminated on the forward firewall side, though I’d also need to order the right terminal lug for heavy-gauge main feed wire; I don’t have that on hand right now. But all that will be relatively simple compared to this somewhat tedious work.

Anyway, enough talking, it’s time for photos. As probably mentioned before, the branch circuits all exit the shelf on the right side, and from there split off into a few smaller bundles going to different fuse block spots. I like how neat this all ended up, though a really picky part of me wants to shorten up that M5 wire (rightmost branch on the top-right bundle). Pretty sure I can live with that, though…

Note: all the securing of the bundles here is temporary. That’s likely obvious where the bundles are secured with twist-ties, but that also applies to the zip ties; I used those where I needed the bundles held a little more securely while working in here. When this is final-assembled, the bundles will be wrapped in silicon tape anywhere a zip-tie is used for security, to prevent the zip-tie cutting through insulation.

So yeah…I can’t exactly point to a lot of shop hours this weekend, but I like what I have to show for what time I had.

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