Fuse shelf wire routing

Well, for some reason I went out and tried to work tonight and it clicked and I actually got some stuff done. This isn’t the only time I’ve touched airplane stuff since I last posted, but between then and now it seems like I’d touch something every now and again for a few minutes but just never seem to actually get going. Motivation is a weird thing…

Anyway, this is what I’ve been trying to tinker with for a week or so now; getting the hardware mounted to secure the wire bundle. The idea here was to have two adel clamps, one mounted to the shelf, and the other to the baggage bulkhead, which will secure the bundle in both spots and provide an area where it can flex when the shelf needs to be pivoted down. So all I needed to do was lay out and drill a couple mount holes.

But hey, that’s done now. I’ve got the clamps temporarily mounted just to check routing, but this seems good to me. I think next I’ll need to get this portion of the bundle laced, then I can start working on the rest of the routing around the shelf, which will involve even more lacing, plus just in general working out the splitting of the bundles.

(Note: the screws I’m using with the adel clamps right now are absurdly long. I need to get some that are less ridiculous, but these work for mocking things up.)

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