Let’s look at this fuse shelf

Well, it was only half an hour, but half an hour is something, and I need to get back in the habit of doing something. I still don’t have the parts to finish up the switch console – Digi-Key still doesn’t have the right plug in stock. Guess I might break down and order them from Mouser or somewhere else at some point.

Anyway, I figured to quit putting off the fuse shelf. Tonight I disconnected the avionics shelf stuff and got the shelf out of the way so I could look at the fuse shelf. And I’m happy to see that my concerns about the fuse wire lengths appear to have been unfounded – looks like I should be able to route the wire bundles like I want and still reach everything. So I shouldn’t need to add a disconnect or extend anything here.

Now I just need to actually do some of this work, starting with securing the bundle to the baggage bulkhead and shelf, which will control the portion of the bundle that’ll allow the shelf to actually pivot down as needed.

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