Well, not an especially productive day, but I did get a few things done. I added a Molex connector for the CO detector unit on the baggage bulkhead, and then did all the terminations for the left panel wing. This includes the three switches over there along with the panel light dimmer:

I also started looking at the switches on the right wing, which need to tie into the CPI2 ECU. Figuring out how to route everything will be a bit more interesting over there, compared to the pretty simple wiring runs on the left. Among other things, I need to figure out which coil kill lead goes to which switch. On the one hand, it doesn’t really matter, since the idea is to just be able to disable them one at a time for preflight checks, but on the other hand, if one of those checks fails, it’d be nice to know reliably which coil pack is the problem.

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