ADS-B receiver connection

Well, that was an interesting evening. Got a bit of a late start but figured I could make good progress on some of these terminations. Except about ten minutes into working on the ADS-B connector, we got a tornado warning. I figured monitoring the weather was more important than working on the airplane, so back inside I went. Turned out to be OK, cell passed west of us. So I went back out and got going again, but after another 10 minutes or so…tornado warning #2. This one didn’t miss us, and we ended up in the closet for a bit.

I was determined to at least get this one connector done, so I went out again afterwards and finally got it done. Thought about starting on the transponder connector too, but I need to think about some wire routing before I do that, so I contented myself with just pinning up the two loopback connections for that (pairs of pins that are tied together to enable the thing).

Pesky weather…

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