ELT connection

Things went a bit slowly tonight. I wanted to start with the ELT on the rear shelf, and while I’m super familiar with the connections for the Dynon stuff, here I felt compelled to look over the documentation a bit more. Also, whereas most everything else already has every required wire run to the location, here I needed to add in the ELT buzzer. This little guy will make lots of noise if the ELT is ever activated, and since I’d decided to just put it right beside the ELT, there was no good reason to include it in the prefab harness.

The buzzer I ended up just mounting with some high-strength velcro-type stuff. Thought about using screws but that seemed like unnecessary complexity here, plus the screw holes in the buzzer are super small and as far as I can tell there was no mounting hardware provided with the ELT. And eventually I had the whole thing put together and set up in place:

An interesting point here: this is one of the few spots in the airplane where I’m using a local ground; almost everywhere else, I’m running back to a single ground bus on the firewall. Since this ground is just for the buzzer and other basic stuff, I’m keeping it simple. Plus this made it easy to completely ignore the buzzer while building the harnesses. I’ll just secure the ring terminal with the adjacent shelf mounting screw.

Hopefully tomorrow I can do some of the other terminations here; I’ve got the ADS-B receiver, transponder, and the network cable to the hub. Once that’s done I’ll start seeing about how I want to lace up the cables here to make everything nice and tidy. I’ll also need to figure out securing some of these bundles; I think I want an adel clamp on the forward flange of the shelf, plus some way to route the wire branches going to the seat armrests and back to the tail. The latter is particularly interesting; I’ve learned while installing and removing the shelf a couple times that those two wires kind of get in the way. Hopefully some creative routing can help with that.

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