ELT switch, panel assembly

OK…time to get back towards wiring harness stuff. But first there was that pesky ELT switch that I totally forgot to mount before. Fortunately, I figured out yesterday that I had room for it on the right sub panel, so tonight I got that hole laid out, cut, and the mount holes drilled. That done, it was time to start putting stuff back together again. So as of now, I’ve got both the shelves back in place, and all the stuff installed in the panel again. Which, of course, means I can finally get a look at what my real-live panel will look like. Well, mostly, it’s still not painted or labeled…but anyway:

So yeah, a good couple hours’ work on a weekend. Next fun, I get to pull some string or ribbon or something all over the place to figure out the branch lengths for my harness diagram…and then things will really start to get fun.

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