More random assembly stuff

Busy day with assorted stuff, but I got a little bit of time in. I hadn’t yet reinstalled the components mounted on the baggage bulkhead, so I got that stuff in place. This also involved reworking my stacked mount for the EMS and ARINC interface, since previously I decided to reverse the orientation of those. There was also the question of where to mount the Aithre CO detector; I figured out the general area but didn’t work on getting the holes drilled yet. I also reinstalled the hard brake lines from the gear towers to just above the rudder pedals, along with the ducting from the cabin air inlet to the vent in the panel.

One thing I looked at a bit was where to mount the converters needed for my capacitive fuel level sensors. I’m pretty sure I want to mount these on the side skins near the fuel tanks, but I’m not exactly sure where. I think, for the purposes of wiring, I’ll probably just run the wires for these to the general area, and leave enough extra material to finish the connections out once I have the tank mount stuff in place.

Other remaining housekeeping stuff to do is to figure out how to do the plug for the removable rear stick, as well as finalizing routing for the wires to the seat heaters, particularly the rear seat. Oh, and I need to figure out what power plugs I’m going to use and get those ordered, so I can get them mounted. Gotta figure out where the wire drops for those will be…

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