Deburring stuff

No photos tonight, nothing especially cool to speak of. Most of the time was spent finishing the edges of the forward upper skin – filing off the little nubs from where I removed the unused sections, smoothing everything out, cleaning up the edges. I also deburred a few other remaining things that I hadn’t picked up yet, namely the baggage hinge support and spacer.

The other thing I wanted to get a bit ahead of was figuring out where to mount the ELT remote switch. I started trying to sort of visually estimate the fit of the switch on one of the panel wings, but it was far from obvious whether or not it would fit. So I ended up using some scrap to make a little rectangular plate the size of the switch mount face, just so I could get a better idea of the fitment. That allowed me to see that yes, it’d fit over on the right panel wing just fine. Now I just have to actually make that hole…

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