More avionics planning

Today there was plenty to do around the house, so no real time for a dedicated work session. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to temporarily mount everything possible and then stick the partially-done panel into the fuselage for a look:

And to be honest, there was good reason to do this. The thing that prompted me to get going cutting the panel was the desire to finalize the avionics shelf. I felt I had a pretty good layout, but the one thing I needed to evaluate was how the harnesses coming off the displays and other devices might interfere. And as it turns out, this did surface some issues with my previous layout.

On the far right side, the CPI2 controller isn’t going to be able to go right at the edge of the shelf – the main harness from the display is problematic. Here I’ve got the harness attached to that display to help with the layout – notice how it projects over the edge of the shelf:

So it was time for some more moving things around. I think I’ve arrived at a new workable layout; the main changes are moving the Skyview network hub to the baggage bulkhead, moving the CPI2 controller and backup battery to the left, and placing the Skyview backup batteries far right:


The remaining question mark here is still exactly what the CPI2 battery tray is going to look like. I did get the CPI2 ordered this past week, and Ross said they should be able to get to fabbing the harnesses this week, so that should be on hand maybe the week of Thanksgiving. In the meantime, I should be able to get the GPS-175 tray mounted, and hopefully sort out the Dynon intercom issues. I guess I can also get back to the fuse block tray once my Spruce hardware order comes in in the next day or so.

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