Another network cable

Nothing too exciting tonight; I did some tidying up and then got to work on network cable #2. As expected, this one went a good bit faster than the first, though I also caught myself getting a little too comfortable – I started pinning up the second connector on the bench. Fortunately I realized my error before seating any pins, so I didn’t have to actually do any defining.

Testing was a lot quicker this time too. I realized that my previous idea of making a sort of loopback test plug wasn’t smart – all I’d really be testing was that al the circuits were continuous, not that they were actually paired up correctly. Instead, since I was putting together another Digi-Key order early this week, I added a couple of solder-cup DB9 connectors. I can just plug those into both ends of the network cable and use the solder cups for continuity testing.

In any case, now I’ve got network cables to both of the ADAHRS units:

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