H-stab v2.0 – more riveting!

Well, this wasn’t the productive day I’d hoped for. I got up early and got started on some riveting before heading over to the neighbor’s hangar for the usual Sunday morning coffee. Came back over and shot a line of rivets on one side other stab, then retired inside for lunch. Decided to take a nap, and…next thing I knew, it was 6 PM. And I still needed to get the grass mowed.

So yeah, I did get those rivets shot, better than nothing. I also had a moment of frustration when I noticed that I’d somehow failed to rivet one of the nose rib holes. And that area was now sealed off since I’d blind riveted the spar in place. So I just put an MK319 blind rivet in that hole. Of course, it had to be on the top of the skin, too, not hidden on the bottom, but oh well. Not worth drilling those blind rivets out again and risking damaging other parts. I’ll probably fill the center of that blind rivet at some point so it’s less obvious after paint.

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