Air vent bonding

Well, this barely even qualifies as a work session, but hey, I did do stuff. I picked up some more epoxy on the way home today – this turned out to be helpful after all. The JB Weld I was going to use originally would have been dark gray, but I was able to get some clear stuff. This way, if there’s any excess that squeezes out, it won’t be obvious and ugly.

Anyway, back home, I cleaned the surfaces one last time, mixed up some epoxy, applied it to the perimeter of the vent, and stuck it in place:

IMG 6838

Then I weighted it down with – what else – a jug full of clecos:

IMG 6840

Aaaand that’s it. Tomorrow I figure I’ll apply the firewall sealant to the forward side skins and cleco them in place. Then it really and truly will be some for some riveting.

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