There sure are a lot of holes on this airplane. I got started in mid afternoon, after did a bit of kayaking in the morning. Pretty much went straight to work on the countersinking, since I’d marked up everything already. First I worked on all the #30 holes, which took an hour or so, followed by the handful of #19 screw holes (mostly in the gear tower cover plates). Then it was on to the bulk of the work, the bazillion #40 holes in all the longerons. I got through everything except for perhaps the most extensive job – all the #40 holes on the side webs of the main longerons. I should be able to knock all those out in a long work session one evening this week. Then it’ll be on to a lot of deburring and dimpling. I don’t think I really have any extensive fab work to worry about before the fuselage starts going back together…

Here are some fairly boring photos. The first is a blurry pile of metal shavings. The second is, you guessed it, countersunk holes. Exciting, eh?

IMG 6628

IMG 6631

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