Fuel selector mount finished, backtracking

OK, started out tonight by continuing with the fuel selector mount. I positioned the face plate on the selector mount where I wanted it, mark the screw hole locations, and drilled them, then cut the large center hole where the valve body itself projects through. Here’s the valve and face plate clecoed in place on the mount:

IMG 6516

The angle pieces needed to be relieved slightly to allow for the mounting “ears” on the valve:

IMG 6518

And finally, here’s the whole assembly clecoed in place on the left side of the cabin. I haven’t drilled the inboard holes out to #19 yet, since the instructions say to wait on those until the side skin is riveted, in case the longeron shifts a bit:

IMG 6519

Next, I had to do some backtracking. I was reading ahead in the instructions and ran across a line about countersinking the #19 screw holes in the gear box plates. I remembered drilling two #19 holes per side, but not in the plates. Upon reviewing the plans, I realized that there were a lot more than two #19 holes in each side. In fact, there are a total of 17 on each side. Here’s where I marked the skins tonight for all the holes:

IMG 6521

So I had to cleco both forward side skins back in place and get all those holes drilled. I actually kept the left skin in place even after the drilling, as I’m going to go ahead and address positioning the throttle quadrants and doing the necessary modifications for the linkage to the rear throttle. That’ll be my next task when I get back to work again.

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