Front seat back

Got a late start today, mainly because I stayed up way too late last night. No, I wasn’t partying, I just decided to tinker with panel designs again before bed, which resulted on me being up until about 5 AM. Yes, I lead an exciting life.

Pretty simple task today really, doing the front seat back. There was a little extra work – for whatever reason, one of the two large angle pieces lacked two of the prepunched holes, so I clecoed the two angles together and used the fully-drilled one as a guide to drill the second. Then there was just cleanup of the angles and seat back panel, cutting a hinge section for the bottom of the seat back, and match drilling everything. I primed the large angle pieces, let them dry for a bit, and then riveted the entire assembly together:

IMG 6411

Next up will be the rear seat back, which is a fair bit more complex…

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