Center section repair and prep work

Started off this afternoon by continuing work on my center section doubler. I pulled the doubler off and used the unibit to enlarge the rudder cable passthrough hole to full size, then did the same on the center section web (the correct hole this time). Interestingly enough, when I clecoed the doubler back in place, I found that the two holes were slightly misaligned:

IMG 5950

But no biggie. I marked the overlap on the center section web and filed the hole out a bit until it matched up correctly. Next I removed the doubler again, laid out my rivet lines along the edges, drilled the holes, then clecoed it back in place and drilled the center section web to match the rivet holes:

IMG 5952

And here’s a look at the center section web with the doubler removed. There’s roughly 5/32” of material remaining between the two enlarged holes:

IMG 5954

With the doubler done, I moved on to general center section work. It took a few minutes to catch up on where I left off before. I’d finished match drilling the forward bulkheads, so tonight I did the same for the aft bulkheads. The assembly here is slight more complex due to the seat ramp supports and floor support angles, which rivet to the rear bulkhead. There are also two large vertical bars with 1/4” bolt holes that get drilled in assembly. So the evening was just a bunch of match drilling, countersinking nutplate rivet holes, deburring everything in sight, etc. At the end of the night I had a nice pile of parts ready for primer tomorrow.

Well, hopefully, that is, if the weather cooperates. I’d also like to make a Home Depot run for plywood for my work platform, but again, that kind of requires good weather. We shall see…

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