More seat rib stuff

OK, so not a lot done tonight; mainly I just wanted to get back in the swing of things. Last week was interesting, as we got caught up in the flash flooding…and by “we,” I basically mean “my car.” Took two days to get it towed, and I’m still waiting to find out if it’s going to be a total loss or not. So basically I ended up kind of taking a break from the build.

A lot of tonight was just cleaning up again…once again, my propensity to just leave tools out had created a mess. After that, I did some more prep on the seat rib assembly. I got to the point of clecoing everything together again, which would have been followed by match drilling, but I decided this was a good stopping point with the seat ribs, so I set them aside.

In the week since I’ve worked, I got in my stuff from Spruce, including an assortment of -5 rivets; I needed those to finish up the gear towers. I also got a response from Van’s support, approving my proposed fix for my misdrill in the center section web. So I’m finally equipped to go back, finish stuff up, and get back in order. I was all set to finish riveting the left gear tower, but…there was a hangup. In the process of drilling out the bad rivet that started all this, I made some scratches that needed to be sanded down, which in turn removed primer. Seems I never got around to touching up that area. So to finish up tonight’s work, I did the touch up priming and then just called it. Tomorrow I can get those things riveted…

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