More forward floor riveting

Pretty much just a token hour in the shop tonight. Since Houston drivers can’t handle wet roads without ramming each other, I stayed at work a little late to let traffic die off. When I got out to the garage I still had some residual frustration from the drive home, and it turned out the riveting tonight was more tedious than I expected. I’d figured on back riveting all the forward floor stuff, but the first couple rivets I tried both clinched over badly and had to be drilled out. This is the first time I’ve tried back riveting -4 rivets; they seem to be a little tougher to get right than the -3s.

So I ended up shooting all the rivets with a flush set, which was a little tough since I had to reach all around the sizable forward floor piece. I got all of them done except the eight rivets through the intercostal ribs, between the crossmembers. I just wasn’t up to figuring out a way to tackle those tonight…

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