Fuselage inventory, pt 2

Tonight was cleanup and organization night. As shown last night, I had parts strewn all over the place, along with a mountain of packing paper about six feet high. So tonight I moved as much stuff out into the driveway as possible (most notably the wing cradle; that freed up a lot of space to work. Then it was just a matter of cleaning off the shelves, consolidating, organizing, etc. The really long pre-bent tail skins ended up in the spare bedroom on the bed. Sorry, no overnight visitors for a while. Some of the other large flat skins fit nicely in the middle of the wing cradle, and the smaller ones went on the shelf under the workbench:

IMG 5587

Somewhat surprisingly, I managed to get all of the parts onto the shelves without having to stack them too high. I still foresee lots of parts searches, but at least it won’t resemble an archeological dig:

IMG 5585

And now, tomorrow night we can start going through this giant bag of hardware:

IMG 5589

And maybe I can get back to working on the flaps this weekend. I took a few minutes tonight and read through the first part of the fuselage instructions. Looks like I get to start off with the firewall before building up the forward fuselage floor and gear towers and such. I can’t wait to get going on this stuff…though on the other hand, the fuselage instructions are quite thick. Lots to do!

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