Fuselage inventory, pt 1

So even though I was out of town this past weekend, I still made time to obsessively check on the tracking for my fuselage kit, and I was quite plead to see that it had arrived in Houston as of Sunday. Around midday Monday, I got a call from a lady at Old Dominion about picking the kit up. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could pick it up any time before 9 PM; I’d expected to have to come during the day and thus take some time off work. So of course I came home Monday, ate some dinner, went to Home Depot to rent a trailer, and proceeded way up north near IAH to the Old Dominion terminal.

Back home, Josie and I got the crate off the trailer and into the garage, and while it was too late to start any inventory, I of course had to at least crack the lid off and take a look at the contents:

So tonight after dinner, we went out and proceeded to get to work on the inventory. Before I’d even gotten much out of the crate, I already had a fairly large pile of packing paper going:

IMG 5571

There are a ton of parts here. The packing list is a full 12 pages long. The wings had lots of parts, but were relatively simple: ribs, spars, stiffeners, skins, and some assorted bracketry and such. There’s no such consistency to the fuselage at all. Just tons of variations on angles, weldments, brackets, skins of all shapes and sizes, etc. I can already see that I’ll probably spend a lot of time searching for parts once I’m working on the fuselage.

Anyway, after a couple solid hours of inventory, the crate was finally empty:

IMG 5572

And I’d learned that a real giant pile of paper looked like: (the photo doesn’t do it justice really)

IMG 5575

Even after dragging the empty crate out into the driveway, the garage looks like a disaster area. I can’t even get to the shelves to start putting any of this away at the moment, because I have the workbench shoved against the tool cabinet and the wing cradle shoved against the workbench.

IMG 5577

IMG 5578

IMG 5583

And really, I’m not done with inventory. There’s still a bag of hardware the size of a small toddler that has to be checked, sorted, and put away, and based on my experience with the wings, that’ll take even longer than the general part inventory. I suppose maybe tomorrow I’ll start trying to reign in the chaos out there…

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