Right flap prep

Not a lot to report tonight. Mostly it was a replay of last night – match drilling the right flap top skin, then fitting and drilling the reinforcements for the inboard end. As I expected, it went quite a bit faster the second time around. Once I’d finished getting the right flap to the same point as the left, I needed to prep each inboard flap end for the pushrod attach point. This just involves drilling a previous hole out to 1/4” and then drilling for a nutplate that will mount inside the inboard rib.

With that done, I tore both flaps back down to bare parts, peeled off all the blue vinyl, marked each part, and now everything is ready for a good long deburring session:

IMG 5516

Now to decide whether to keep trucking on the flaps, or go back and start riveting the ailerons together. I’m leaning towards the latter right now, but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow, I suppose…

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