Replacement parts

Got my little package from Van’s while I was at work today, so I figured I’d get those parts ready to prime tonight. It’s been almost two years(!) since I messed with the spar reinforcements for the first time, so I forgot that they don’t come predrilled at all:

IMG 5389

That’s slight annoying, since it means I have to use the spar as a drill guide, which means I have to drill upwards from inside the wing. I started by clamping the reinforcement in place and drilling the five holes through the spar flange and the top skin. Then I deburred and dimpled those holes, clecoed the reinforcement back in place, and drilled all the holes through the spar web. clecoing as I went. After deburring those holes, I countersunk the outboard holes for their flush rivets, since they’ll sit under the aileron hinge bracket.

Finished piece in place:

IMG 5392

I also reamed the holes in the bracket angle piece to full size and countersunk the one hole that gets a flush rivet. Finally, I removed the flap braces from the wing and peeled the vinyl off both the braces and the aileron gap fairings. Tomorrow I’ll try and get all those pieces deburred, dumped, and countersunk as required, then they’ll be ready to prime this weekend.

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