Aileron gap fairing, flap brace, misc

Started out with some miscellaneous small tasks tonight. First and foremost, I still needed to drill out the rivets holding my ruined angle piece to the aileron hinge bracket. If I was smart, I would have done this before ordering from Van’s, just in case I botched the removal and needed more parts. It wasn’t an issue though; I got the rivets drilled out with no problem.

Also, my shipmate form Avery came in, including a long universal head rivet set. This was just the thing I needed for the aileron bracket rivets; I set all the rivets on the inboard brackets in short order. I’m glad the new set works well, it makes me a lot more confident about riveting the repaired outboard bracket once I get my parts in.

Much better:

IMG 5382

Then I moved on to match drilling the aileron gap fairings. Pretty basic stuff here, but one thing I noticed was that even with every other hole between the fairing and the top skin clecoed, the skin still wanted to pillow away from the fairing as I was match drilling. So I also used cleco clamps by each hole to keep things nice and tight together:

IMG 5380

Next up were the flap braces. This is one of those weird spots where a provided part is 99% done, but requires some trivial work before it’ll fit. In this case, the inboard portion of the brace as provided interferes with the rear spar reinforcement fork, so a bit has to be trimmed off. It’s odd that this isn’t already done…I mean, they even provide little guide notches for laying out the cut line. Why not just provide the pieces like this? I dunno.

Cut line laid out:

IMG 5384

Trimmed brace clecoed to the spar, showing why the trim is required:

IMG 5386

And an overview of the brace in place:

IMG 5388

Once I got the flap braces match drilled, I called it a night. I want to get the fairings and braces fully prepped this week so I can shoot primer on them this weekend. The weather’s looking nice and I want to take advantage. Hopefully I’ll also get in my replacement parts before then, so I can get this prepped and ready for primer as well.

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