OK, so no actual airplane work got done today. It was kind of a hectic day – first I had a flight with Joy, then I ran to Harbor Freight for some garage stuff, then I went up to Weiser to have lunch with the local RV guys, then we took the dogs to the park for a much-needed long walk, and when I got home I discovered I was quite tired and a nap ensued, and then it was time for dinner.

We did have a new prospective builder come out to lunch today, and since I was the only person there who’s building at the moment, he naturally turned to me and asked if he could come by sometime and help out/watch/learn/etc. So he might be coming by the house tomorrow. Problem is, the garage was in horrible shape, so I decided to tidy up a bit, and in my usual way, I ended up spending an hour or so doing some substantial reorganization. Looks a lot better out there now though!

So I guess tomorrow we’ll start shooting some skin rivets…

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