Spar countersinking

Got in some more tailwheel time this morning, came him for a nap, and didn’t get a whole ton done as a result. I basically spent all three hours countersinking all the rivet holes in the main spar. I had to take frequent breaks to rest my arm and let the drill cool off – gets a little hot when run more or less continuously…

IMG 5222

Along the way, I noticed a small gouge in the bottom of the left main spar. Not really sure where it came from, but it was deep enough to catch my fingernail, so I got out the dremel to smooth it out before sanding and priming the area:

IMG 5227

Tomorrow I should be able to get more done. I’d like to get all the ribs dimpled and then get started riveting the leading edge units together. By this time next weekend I might be riveting the main skins!

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