Sealant touch-up

Well, lots of stuff to do around the house today, but I did manage to get out and put in a couple hours of work. I did a thorough inspection of the sealant I put around the shop heads last night, and in several cases massaged the blob around with my finger to get better coverage. About ten or so rivets needed extra attention (i.e. more sealant), so I marked their location as I went. Then I mixed up a small batch of sealant and touched up those rivets. There were also come locations between the rib flanges and the skin where I didn’t feel I had good sealant coverage, so I touched up several of those as well. I really don’t want these things to leak.

This should free me up to work on the interior stuff after work this week – which really isn’t that much, just routing the vent lines and installing the fuel sender plates. I should be able to get the end ribs in this week, and then this weekend really should be the time that I close these out.

Not much to take pictures of today, but here are both tanks on the workbench:

IMG 2316

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