Right wing rib deburring

Just did a short stint in the garage tonight. My main goal right now is to get the right wing ribs to a point where I can prime them the next chance I have. So tonight I pulled the right skeleton apart, deburred everything, and undertook the tedious task of peeling off the little stickers that identify the parts. But now when I have a good weekend day, all I have to do is take them out back, clean them, and prime away.

I guess from here I’ll work on some of the small items for the tanks; some of those I can work on before the right tank is together, like the nose rib reinforcements and so forth (actually, the stiffeners would be a good target item here too). I also got a ship notification from Van’s today, so either late this week or early next week I should have my replacement skins and other stuff.

Also, a side note: I’ve been kind of dreading the upcoming messy task of sealing the tanks. A couple nights ago, a ran across a discussion on VAF about working with sealant. Rick, who apparently has worked on some big military projects, has some sealing techniques that are different from the Van’s instructions, but sound much less painful and messy. I’m glad I found that discussion, because I intend to use those techniques, and hopefully I won’t end up hating ProSeal as much as most people.

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