Left wing on the stand

Short night tonight. We had a storm roll through and flood come streets while also disabling stoplights. As a result, my commute home was pretty ugly – instead of the normal ~20 minutes, it was over an hour. It honestly took so much out of me that I took a nap when I got home.

After that, though, I wanted to at least get the left wing on the stand. Josie helped me put it in place, and I set about getting it clamped in place. This ended up requiring me to modify the stands a bit – the pieces of angle to support the rear spar weren’t positioned quite right, so I had to do some customization. Nothing too serious though, and now the wing skeleton is securely in place. The only other thing I really need to do is get a couple of plumb bobs so I can ensure there’s no twist in the wing before I go to town match-drilling the skins and so forth.

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