Clecoed left wing skeleton

Not much to see here. I got a somewhat earlier start today because I worked from home for the second half of the day. It sure helps to not have to sit in evening traffic to get home…

Anyway, straightforward stuff today. I started out by finding the outboard-most rib and bolting on the piece of angle that’s used to attach the skeleton to the stands, then I clecoed that rib in place before setting the spar onto the stand. From there, it was a fun game of putting each rib where it went. I guess my binary system worked OK, because I got everything right the first time, without any oddness. Then I took the whole assembly back off the stands and laid it on the workbench to cleco the rear spar on. This seemed preferable to sitting on the floor and trying to line things up and cleco at the same time.

Hey, that looks like part of an airplane:

IMG 9037

From there, I grabbed a couple of wing skins and did another one of those “because I can” assemblies:

IMG 9040

Then it was time for dinner and we decided to watch a movie afterwards. Maybe tomorrow I can bang some rivets? I’m a little skittish; it’s been over a year since I shot rivets with the gun, and that’s going to be a necessity here. Even better, I’ll almost surely have to use the offset set to get in some of these places. I guess I should probably get some practice in before I go to town on the wings…

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