Wing stand fine tuning again

Not much free time this evening. I overslept this morning, which meant I got to work late, which meant I worked late to make up, and then there was a fair amount of stuff to do around the house. I finally got that stuff done just after 10 and figured maybe I’d try and cleco together the left wing skeleton. But first I needed to clean off a workbench. And then I realized that I should really do the jack pad fix on the completed stand before I went and put a wing skeleton on it.

So I did that; two pieces of 2×6 added on, a new MDF platform screwed down, and then I relocated one of the adjustable “feet” (aka carriage bolts in tee nuts) to the new platform support so I could still adjust it. At that point I decided it was too hot in the garage, even with the door open and the fan going, so I stopped there. In this Texas heat, it seems like I really just have to get the air conditioner running way in advance.

So maybe tomorrow I’ll get that skeleton clecoed together. It’ll probably be good for the primer to have another day to cure anyway…

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