H-stab fully drilled and deburred

Well, overall this was a surprisingly unproductive weekend, at least as far as the plane was concerned.  I pretty much procrastinated myself out of my available work time on Saturday.  Today Josie was doing a NASCAR driving thing at Atlanta Motor Speedway, so I tagged along to watch the fun and get pictures.  This was after we got up at 7 AM to watch the MotoGP race, and then met her family for breakfast.  By the time we got back, a nap was definitely in order, but then we got out in the garage and got to work.

Nothing stunning really; I finished all the drilling on the starboard h-stab while Josie got to work deburring all the numerous holes in the port h-stab skeleton.  By the time the night was over, everything was drilled and deburred, ready for cleaning and priming.  Side note: there are, um,  a lot of holes to be deburred in that skeleton.  I’m writing this mostly so that I can look back and laugh at myself when I’m working on the wings, at which point I’ll presumably learn a new definition for “a lot of holes.”

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