H-stab prep complete!

Yup, with the sole exception of dimpling the skins and finishing the edges, there’s nothing left but riveting.

I was able to get an early start today; I had some medical stuff to take care of in the afternoon, and wasn’t sure how long it would take, so I took half a day off work.  Once I got home, it was straight into the garage and down to business.  First order was to dimple all the skeleton parts, which didn’t take long.  Then it was out to the driveway for some quality time spent cleaning and scuffing all those parts.  Of course, about this time I could hear a good old Georgia summer thunderstorm moving in, so I ended up moving the parts into the garage so they could dry.  

Luckily, the storm barely skirted us.  Clearing skies and a look at the radar confirmed that it looked like I’d have a good window for priming, and it indeed worked out well.  A couple hours later, I had a bunch of nice primed parts.  In the meantime, between primer coats and with some help from Josie, the vinyl came off the skins and all those rivet holes were deburred. (she also relieved me while I was dimpling earlier; with just a hand squeezer, the old forearms get a bit weary after a while)

I guess tomorrow the real fun starts!

Prepped parts drying in the driveway.  Gotta love my “custom” hitch-haul drying rack…

IMG 4409

“Please rivet me!  Please!!!”

IMG 4413

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