H-stab #2, drilling complete pending angle drill arrival

Short work night.  Not because I’m busy, but because it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought to get to the point where I had to stop and wait for a new tool to arrive.

Last night, I assembled all the parts of the port h-stab skeleton and skin, and did all the match-drilling up to the point the instructions called for an angle drill, which I didn’t have.  The drill was ordered from Spruce today, but work didn’t have to stop…I still had to repeat all these steps on the starboard stab.  So that’s what I worked on tonight.  It actually went really fast, and before long I was stuck yet again.

Luckily, I got the ship notification from Spruce just a bit ago, so I should have the drill tomorrow and be able to jump right back into things after work.

In the meantime…well, the instructions certainly don’t call for temporarily assembling the entire h-stab right now, but how I could I resist the opportunity to spend ten minutes adding a few clecos and ending up with something I could stare at while cackling madly?  I figure there’s some value in detours like this that help remind you that yes, you are going to end up with airplane-type stuff eventually.  Motivation, I tell you…

IMG 4303

IMG 4305

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