Ignition stuff

Today was mostly one of those sort of head-scratching days. I did some research last night about mounting the SDS coil packs, mainly wondering if there was a way around using the case top mount even with the fuel injection lines. Oddly enough, I never had the obvious thought of just fabricating my own mount, but I ran across someone who’d done just that. Pretty simple too, just need some angle of the right size to make the mounts and raise the coil pack a bit for the lines to pass underneath. I just don’t have the right size angle on hand, so that’s something I’ll need to order.

Having decided to stick with the case top mount simplifies some stuff for me, though. I never got around to ordering another mag mount from SDS, and now I don’t need it. It does add a new decision, though – which mag mount should I use for the one coil pack I am using? I did some test fitting of the coil and eventually decided that the left side of the engine was better – the right offers lots more obstacles thanks to the prop governor below and the standby alternator above the mag mount.

It would have been nice to go ahead and mount that coil pack, as well as the blanking plate on the other side, but…I don’t have the right nuts on hand. More stuff for the to-order list. I ended up just pausing and focusing on fleshing out a Spruce order. I know I’ll want some more adel clamps to use for FWF routing of stuff, plus I’ll just want a general stock of the metal lock nuts for FWF mounting. I suppose I’ll wait and see if I come up with anything else tomorrow before maybe placing the order on Monday.

So finally I moved to something I could actually do and not just plan – mounting the Hall sensor up on the nose of the engine. This requires loosening the two front case bolts and replacing the nuts with standoff nuts that the sensor can then bolt to. The sensor mount itself requires a bit of trial and error to get the proper air gap between the sensor and the inside of the flywheel – there are a few washers to move around to tune the spacing. Once I’d worked that out I torqued the bolts and…it was time for some safety wiring.

To make a long story short, it took me about four tries before I was satisfied with my work here. I haven’t done a ton of this, so I’m still kind of learning the ropes. And probably the second and third tries would have been serviceable, but…I guess I get a little perfectionist with this stuff. Here’s the final product on the sensor mount:

At this point, since I already had the wire stuff out and was in the mood, I went ahead and final torqued the alternator mount boss bolts and safety wired those as well:

I’ve still got a little work to do with the hall sensor mount – most folks fabricate a cable guard out of small angle to protect the sensor cable in case the alternator belt breaks. Seems like a good, cheap insurance idea, so I’ll be doing that tomorrow. Once that’s done I should be able to mount the sensor, and then I get the fun of drilling the flywheel for the trigger magnets.

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