New oil filter adapter

As the title indicates, tonight I worked on swapping in the new shorter oil filter adapter from B&C. This is half of the work needed to allow the standby alternator to be mounted, but it’s all I can do for now. The drive adapter is backordered with no estimated ship date, so I have no idea when I can expect it. I guess maybe I’ll see about mocking up the alternator for the purposes of firewall planning…

Anyway, not a lot to be said about the adapter swap – the hardest part was breaking the oil filter loose. I’m not sure who installed that thing but I’m pretty sure they exceeded the torque spec by quite a bit. I also had to move over the vernatherm (which regulates flow to the oil cooler) from the old unit, and I went ahead and installed the oil temperature sensor as well. These can be seen in this photo; the vernatherm is the large piece below the smaller sensor:

The one thing left to do here is to get this stuff safety wired. That might be interesting, as the temp sensor isn’t drilled for safety wire. I’ll either need to drill it myself, or take the common alternate approach of adding a stainless clamp around the hex portion to wire to. I’m not too sure how I feel about the clamp approach, but I also don’t have a jig for the drilling, so…still gotta think about that one.

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