Yes, more with the rudder tip

Not much to write about tonight. I spent about an hour sanding down the epoxy skim coat on the two tip pieces. So far it looks like the bits of fiber embedded in the coat aren’t a problem, everything sanded down nicely to a slick finish. I wanted to go ahead and shoot primer again, but it’s been super humid today and so conditions aren’t really that great. I’ll wait until it dries out some tomorrow instead.

I also poked at the horizontal stab tips some more too. I think I’m going to try just drilling the mount holes, clecoing the tips in, and see if they get pulled decently into alignment. If that doesn’t work than I may see about adding a rib further forward in the tip to spread it out, in addition to the rib closing out the rear of the tip. Getting just the right fit won’t be a lot of fun but I think it’s a better option than something like splitting the tip and rebuilding it. Hopefully it won’t be necessary though…

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