More grounding prep

Just a brief session tonight. Earlier today I sola fantasized about getting all the ground terminations done tonight and powering things up before the weekend, but it didn’t take much looking out in the hangar tonight to realize that was hilariously optimistic.

I got the newly-laced bundle pulled down into the gear tower and through the hole towards the firewall – kind of a pain really since all the masking tape tags made it impossible to just feed the bundle through as a unit. Between that and feeding a snap bushing over the end of the bundle to put into that hole, the result was a pretty tangled bunch of wires that needed some attention.

Next I sat down with the label printer and went through all those wires, putting in the labels for them. Kinda fun keeping track of which of 30-some wires I have and have not typed in already. Plus there were a couple tape labels that I was no longer sure what they referred to, so I ended up referring back to the schematics a couple times, just to make sure I was labeling things properly. Then I printed out a loooong string of heat shrink.

Before I trim anything to length, I want to get an Adel clamp mount point into the auxiliary longeron, since this bundle will need securing. That’ll let me get the general routing of the bundle down pat, and then I can start thinking about trimming. It’s going to be fun doing this since the area between the gear tower and the firewall is a bit snug.

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