Finish kit inventory and cleanup

Just more menial stuff tonight. I got the hardware bags inventoried – a task that I thought was going faster than expected right until I got to the bags with mixed rivets in them. Nothing like spending 30 minutes of your life examining every member of a pile of rivets to determine if it’s 1/4” or 9/32” long. I may be a bit cross-eyed for a few days…

Once I was sure I had everything from the inventory sheet, I cleaned up the giant pile of packing paper. I probably could have crammed it all into the bed of my truck as it sat, but I’d have felt like a jerk pulling up to the recycling center and having everyone trying to cram these giant balls of paper into the baler. So I at least got the stuff bundled up so it can be handled pretty easily. Should be able to haul it off mayor be Friday.

Now I guess I should get back to wiring type stuff.

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