Hardware order

Yes, really, that’s what I spent three hours doing today: looking at all the components I have to mount and conjuring up a list of needed hardware. It’s mildly amusing that this is at least the second time I’ve carefully considered components and ordered stuff…maybe this time will do the trick? In fairness, I didn’t find some new stuff I needed for mounting the CPI2 ECU, and I also changed my approach to mounting some other stuff.

Anyway, in the interest of thoroughness, I made a list of every component I needed to mount, then made a list of every piece of hardware needed for each component, checked against what I had on hand, a noted items as either on-hand or needed. Then I got myself another good-size Spruce order going.

Along the way, I was gradually pulling apart the temporarily laid-out shelves and stuff, marking component locations as I went. My intent here is to remove all the stuff up in the forward fuse, and get things cleared out to get the remaining two-person riveting done, hopefully on one of the two upcoming long weekends. Separate from that work, I’ll be able to start doing mount holes for various components on the shelves and baggage bulkhead.  That should get me set up to actually start building those harnesses like I’ve been talking about for a while now.

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