Panel do-over: rough cutting

Not a ton to write here; last time I got all the cut lines laid out, tonight it was time for another marathon session with the jigsaw. This time I was a little more intentional about where I made my pilot holes to start the jigsaw cuts, but the AP panel cutout (down by the lip at the bottom) still couldn’t be cut out as fully as the rest. Oh well, just gotta make do.

After doing the rough jigsaw cuts, I went to work with the Dremel and a cutting bit to remove some extra material around the corners and so forth; this i just to reduce how much I have to remove with files down the line. I’m pretty much at the point now where I shouldn’t need to remove more than 1/16” of material in most places.

So that’s enough for one weeknight; I should be able to find the time to get one filing done this weekend, and hopefully I can finish out all the holes. With any luck, I’ll have a done-ish panel ready to hang in the plane temporarily by the end of the weekend.

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