Service letter done, more planning

Another fairly unexciting day, following an unproductive weekend. I shot the rivets for the tailbone stiffeners for the service letter fix, then decided to look at doing some actual mounting of stuff to the fuse block shelf. So I pulled that shelf out, took it to the bench, and started laying things out again, but this time with the actual wire on hand to at least consider routing for the big power feed.

Before long, I’d decided that I no longer liked my original plan of using cheap plastic clips to secure the wire bundles here, and that I wanted to use legitimate adel clamps instead. Only problem with this is that I don’t have the right size ones on hand. Also, it’d be nice to at least get the interconnects between the fuse blocks and other stuff done, but I don’t have the right terminals on hand for that.

So long story short, looks like it’s time for yet another Spruce order.

But hey, I still did stuff, and tomorrow I should get in my new panel blank, and I can get going on attempt #2 at getting that cut.

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