Rudder cable stuff

OK, so this wasn’t exactly the most victorious of work sessions. I’d hoped to get the rudder cables rigged up and the pedals set up properly, but I didn’t make it that far.

You see, before connecting the rudder cables tot he rudder, I needed to secure the little plastic tubes that protect the cables where they exit the sides of the fuselage. Seemed pretty simple – it’s just an adel clamp on each tube, screwed to the fuselage side. Except the manipulation required to get those things in place was made rather difficult due to lack of access to that area. The attach point is behind the first mostly-solid bulkhead, the one that has the horizontal stab attached to its top. It has two holes, the smaller of which might be able to accommodate a toddler’s arm, and the larger of which has the elevator push tube passing through it.

I got a little more working room in that larger holes by moving the elevators to full up – this displaces the tubs upward a bit – but even then I could barely get my wrist through there. Long story short, it took pretty much a solid 45 minutes to get those things in there.

This was followed by another 10 minutes trying to find the bolts needed to attach the cables to the rudder horn. I was about ready to knock it off then, but decided I might as well push through and attach the cables to the pedals, then anchor the cables to the firewall. Then I remembered that I need to have the idler arms for my rear-seat pedals in place for all this to work, so I decided to jut call it a night. Maybe next time.

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