Rudder pedal cleanup

Not a lot to report tonight. In preparation for rigging the rudder cables, I brought the rudder pedals up from where they’d been sitting for some time. This revealed a couple things that needed addressing – first, the exposed steel of the slide bar had rusted, and second, the assembly in general was pretty dirty. So I ended up just tearing the entire assembly apart for a good cleaning. After getting the rust off the slide bar, I gave it a coat of CLP and then hit it with the heat gun in hopes of getting the stuff to cure a bit. Everything else just got a good wipe-down.

I need to dig out the applicable plans page, double-check all the hardware, and get everything pinned. Most of the bolts here are drilled and use castle nuts, but when I assembled this the first time I decided to wait on the cotter pins. I think now is probably the time to final-assemble this thing. That’ll have to wait until Sunday, though – tomorrow is a busy work-related day, with a fly-out event in the morning and the holiday party in the evening…

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