New parts!

Not logging this as any actual time tonight since it was mostly 15-20 minutes of tinkering around…but today my nice care package from Van’s arrived. New spar channels, reinforcement angles, doublers, and some assorted hardware. The one thing I forgot to do was to print out the updated h-stab assembly instructions at work today. I have toe up-to-date manual on my laptop, but I want a hard copy to refer to while I work. I think I have a decent handle on the procedure, but I’d rather not wing it since I’m already rebuilding.

So all I did tonight was cleco some random stuff together and take a look at test-fitting the various parts. Interestingly, the doublers that come with the new kits appear to be different from the doublers that I got with my SB kit. The overall shape is the same, but they have a lot more prepunched holes. I can only assume this is a slight difference between new-construction and retrofit procedures.

Anyway, I’ll see about picking up with some actual work tomorrow evening.

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