SB 14-01-31 pt 4

Whew…it’s a hot weekend in Houston. The rest of the summer has been relatively balmy, with his peaking in the 90s, but this weekend (and for the next several days), we’re sitting up over 100°. I got an early start this morning, but by mid-morning I was already in a state where I’d work for about half an hour, then retire inside to cool off for a while. Still, I made good progress.First up was getting that last reinforcing angle out. That just took some strategic application of force, and eventually it popped right out. An inspection of the rivet holes in the spar web looks good, none of them appear to have gotten oversize or had any damage done around them. Success! Then I just had to drive all those rivet remains out of both angles. No big deal there, just a bit tedious.

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