OK fine, some more throttle tinkering

Had a little time tonight, so I went out and did some thinking about dealing with that unsightly gap on the forward throttle quadrant. I posted about my problem on VAF but I’ve gotten no responses, so I dunno if the solution is stupid obvious or no one else cared about this gap or what. Regardless, I think I’ve settled on a solution.

The gap between the top of the quadrant and the cover plate is right at 1/8”, so I think I’m just going to fabricate a spacer out of some 1/8” thick aluminum stock. To this end, I’ve got am Aircraft Spruce order working for the necessary raw material. I’m going to attempt to make the spacer in one piece, which should look the best, I think.

And yes, I spent a full hour mulling over this, and disassembling/reassembling various things multiple times.

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