Finished the landing/taxi lights

OK yeah, it’s only half an hour, but it’s nonzero, and that counts for something.

Way back in January, I built most of these units, but accidentally butchered one of the taxi-light LEDs. It still functioned, but had lost some sort of clear plastic dome over the LED. I emailed Paul to ask about the best way to proceed, and he gave me good news – if it works, it’s fine. He did say that the LED’s phosphor layer should be protected somehow, and suggested a bit of clear silicone sealant, so I started tonight by adding that. Then I reassembled the light unit, tested it to make sure everything was OK (it was) and mounted the taxi light unit to the larger landing light board. So now I have two finished boards to go into the wings whenever that time comes.

I also spent a little time looking through the construction manual and reminding myself where I was. I was a little surprised to see that there are only a couple steps between where I’m at now and the next section, which is fitting the empennage. Ohhhh boy.

That’s actually a little deceiving, though, I have a spot a few pages back where I skipped some steps, for reasons I don’t recall (I highlight manual pages that don’t have all tasks complete). Looks like this was back when I was doing the flap bearing blocks and rear seat floors. I need to go back and find those build log entries and figure out what the deal is there.

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